About us

We are a small medium enterprise IT consultancy solutions provider. We offer a wide range of skill sets with some individual consultants amassing over 20 years experience of offering high quality solutions to clients. Our primary objective is to build long-term relationshops with our clients based on understanding their aims and offering appropriate high quality IT solutions. We not only provide solutions utilising the latest technical innovations but also offer assistance in using the solution to its full potential. The company works on a multi-tier basis offering expert consultants with in depth understanding of technology and business applications. All of our consultants are highly trained and dedicated IT professionals focussed on solving and implementing IT solutions.

Consultants are available on:

Fixed contracts

Project management solutions basis

Website Development package

We at IT Excellence UK Ltd are highly trained and compentent in a range of skills
Object Oriented development
Silverlight and WPF development
C# and Visual Basic development on all platforms
Comprehensive range of web development options
Business Analysis
Project Management

Contact us:
+44 (0)845 299 3138